Why you need an Interior Designer

You need an Interior Designer because….

You don’t like walking clear across your kitchen in the dark with an infant just to turn the light on.

You need an Interior Designer because…

I understand the basic forms and functions of human movement and what will make your space unique, comfortable and tells the story of your family.

You need an Interior Designer because…

Of costly design mistakes. It can often cost you more money not hiring an Interior Designer. Fear not- the sofa will fit, the rug will match and yes, we can build that too.

You need an Interior Designer because…

You don’t need to wait until the kids stop jumping off the tables, quit touching the sofa with sticky candy hands and aren’t wearing muddy football cleats in the house to have nice things. With incredible design industry advancements, you can have these things now. Beautiful things that will outlast all the stages of your tiny humans. You deserve nice things. Let’s make it happen.

And, you also may need an Interior Designer because…

Shopping for your home is super fun. And exciting. And you have great taste but want to bounce some ideas off of me while you take the reins of your home design. Ask away, show me your pictures and take me shopping with you to show me that great piece in person. Let’s make date

About Me


I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio (go Bucks!) where I met and married my high school flame. Onward and upward, we moved to Chicago for design school, graduating with a Baccalaureate of Fine Arts majoring in Interior Design. I worked for a high-end residential design firm located in the world famous Merchandise Mart. The Mart is the world’s largest commercial building and design center. Living and working in fast-paced Chicago, a mecca of design, truly gave me an insurmountable amount of knowledge and experience. It will always be “sweet home Chicago.”

Seeking a warmer way of life, we moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I promptly had two children and built sandcastles and rode trollies for 5 years. Seeking a slower pace of life and a family-friendly community, we landed upon Cave Creek, Arizona in 2016. We love Arizona and are happy to call this home.

Are you a do-it yourselfer? Love the process of designing your own home? Looking for that extra reassurance or want me to shop with you? I’m happy to! Send me an email to inquire more about “Take My Designer Shopping”.