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Frequently Asked Questions

Why and when should I hire an interior designer?

Hiring an interior designer can actually save you costly money with design mistakes.

No matter how big or small your project, drawings are always done to ensure scale and design esthetic. Ideally, an Interior designer should be brought in when you are thinking about purchasing new furniture, making a change to your home or building new. Together, we can develop a design plan for you that can be executed.

If the Designer is brought in during construction, or post construction, there will be more design restraints and restrictions we will need to work around. If there is no construction taking place and you are just looking for a new look, bringing a designer in before you purchase anything new is the best scenario so that you will have scaled drawings of your space so that furniture that is too small or too large or isn’t quite the right “look” isn’t purchased.

Should I hire an Interior Designer or an Architect?

So, you're wondering if you should hire an interior designer or an architect. The short answer is that it depends on your project type. Knowing what differences there are between them will help you decide.

What's the Difference between Architects and Interior Designers?

Both interior designers and architects are professionals with degrees who develop design plans. An architect specializes in the building systems and codes while a designer keeps building systems and codes in mind while developing the interior of the space. While there are LOTS of fabulous architects who are incredible designers, interior designers take a very intimate and individual personal approach when designing your interior. Interior designers study the natural movements of humans within their space and how they utilize their spaces.

Depending upon your project type, your city may require an architect's stamp of approval on the documents. In this case, the designer will send all drawing documents to the architect to work from. Alternately, if you have an architect and would like help from a designer, you can. Architects and designers can and do work together. We are both in the business of creating the best space for you, the client.

What is an Interior Designer vs Interior Decorator?

This is such a great question!

If you want a long, fancy, technical answer to what an interior designer does, check it out here: Council for Interior Design Qualification: Definition of Interior Design

In short, an interior designer is a degreed professional (baccalaureate or higher) with extensive education regarding the health and safety of humans in their environment, and how to enhance their experience within their space.

Interior designers specialize in project management (budgets, contracts, schedules and consultants). Interior designers have a working knowledge of existing space conditions, conceptualizing your dreams and execution. Interior designers can develop documents with the intention for building permits and construction.

And the most fun part-knowing exactly where to go to find your perfect sofa, and fabric, bathroom tile, or the area rug of your dreams within your budget and specialized for your unique family.

There is no formal degree for an interior decorator. Interior decorators mainly focus on the esthetics, color scheme and accessorizing the space.

Do you have a specialty?

You, the client, are always in the driver’s seat steering the design for your space. My job is to help you develop your unique style and help you to maintain the design throughout your home.

My personal approach to design and when designing for my clients is a classic, timeless design. I love incorporating fun, interesting and trendy pieces into the design, but keeping with a clean palate will allow you to not tire of your design and will allow it to always remain in style as well.

I am passionate about helping families make the best use of their space and guiding them in the process of selecting new materials and furniture that can withstand the toddler years and many, many years beyond that. You can have that dream home now, you don’t have to wait until those birdies fly the coop to have nice things!

Do I need a designer if I only want help with new furniture?

Absolutely! As your Designer, I will draft your room in a scaled drawing so there are no questions about something working or not working.

I have exclusive access to some of the best and most unique furniture, fabrics and materials that you’ll find around the world. Professional designers, like myself, qualify for discounts on product below retail. A cost savings I pass on to my clients.

What other services do you offer? Is any job too small?

No job is ever too small! If you are looking for only a paint consultation, reassurance on your do-it-yourself project, a design consultation of a current construction project you are doing, or want to Take Your Designer Shopping for the day, I’m happy to help! Message me for more details and check out the Packages & Pricing tab for more information.

How do we get started?

First, send me an email or give me a call and tell me about your project.

Next, you and I will then schedule a design meeting at your home. During that meeting, I will view the conditions in person and chat with you about your wishes/wants/desires for the space. Within 3 business days, I will email you a detailed report of our meeting notes with design solutions and ideas discussed on site. After the initial meeting you can schedule more time or choose the Full Service Design package. See the Packages & Pricing tab for more information.

How do we contact each other?

Office hours for Dawn Riolo Design are M-F 9:00 am-5: 00 pm. After Hours and weekends are by appointment only. My email is The office phone number is 480.530.3700 and fax number is 480.530.3703.

All messages will be returned within 24 hours, unless in an emergency.

Are you a do-it yourselfer? Love the process of designing your own home? Looking for that extra reassurance or want me to shop with you? I’m happy to! Send me an email to inquire more about “Take My Designer Shopping.”